For the last few years now I have been creating pet portraits from photos. I work with the highest quality pencils and paints offering colour pencil, oil on canvas, pastel and graphite options. Any animal welcome!
If you are interested in ordering a portrait please feel free to get in touch to discuss what you would like. Be sure to book your portrait in advance to avoid disappointment.
Please see sizes and prices below
If you would like more than two subjects please get in contact for a personal quote

Oil on canvas paintings

25% deposit secures slot
more than one subject can be added to your portrait. This is not suitable for all sizes. Please get in touch to discuss size options. An additional 25% per extra subject

Single subject prices: 
Oil on canvas

Single subject prices: 

Oil painting 

20x25cm £130 

25x25cm £185 

30x30cm £230 

The above sizes are suitable for one subject only 

30x40cm £290

40x40cm £350 

40×50 £450 

50×50 £500

50×60 £550

50x70cm £650 

70×70 £700

60×80 £750 

80×80 £850 

90×90 £950

100×100 £1150

120x150cm £1400 

Oil painting p&p quote can be given once size confirmed



A5 – £160 

A4 – £220 

11x14in £260 

A3 – £320 

A2 – £500 

A1 – £650 





A5 – cats only £140 

A4 -£180 

11x14in £230 

A3 – £270



Coloured pencil

Coloured pencil

A5 –  £195

A4 –  £250 

11x14in £300

A3 –  £400 

A2 –  £550 

A1 – £750 

Postage quote can be given once I know what size portrait you would like and what country to ship to.
If you live in Europe/USA/Canada please let me know and I’ll get you a postage quote
*Based on conversion rate Jan 2019. May differ.

How to order

Step 1) Have a look at the sizes and prices and send me an email ( or via my contact page) with your photos. Photos should be clear, sharp and a true likeness. Good light is important especially if you would like your portrait in colour.

Step 2) Let me know if you would like graphite, colour pencil, oil on canvas or pastel and what size. If you would like more than one subject etc. Be sure to tell me if you require your portrait for a specific date (I.e birthday/anniversary gift)

Step 3) After we’ve discussed the requirements for your portrait a 25% deposit can be made to secure your slot

I will work on your portrait whilst keeping you updated with my progress. The balance is only paid when you are happy with your portrait.


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